Supply of High Quality Metal Products
Good Steel has a full range of finishing equipments to cater for all and roll products services. Instant levelling, cutting, slitting, forming, shearing, roll-forming, embossing, painting, lamination has made One-Stop Service Centre for all your flat product requirements. read more...
Good Steel Sdn Bhd is an importer, exporter, stockist and service centre company specializing in non-ferrous and ferrous metals products for more than 8 years, have strong overall operational capabilities, rich experience in international trade, and the stable procurement channels.

Good Steel Sdn Bhd holds a broadly diversified product portfolio comprising a large variety of flat and long products, ranging from stainless steel, aluminium, galvanized iron, electro galvanized, aluminium-zinc, cold rolled and hot rolled to specialty steel of various grades, dimensions and specifications

Good Steel Sdn Bhd up keep its reputation seriously & continuously in the market. We pursue a win win situation and long-term cooperative relations with the customers, providing a specialized service for the old and new customers with better and more economical results. Welcome to contact us.
Business principle
Offering professional services for our customers, creating the good profit return for the shareholder, providing the space for career development for the employees, building the public value for the society, achieving the harmonies development of the company, customers, shareholders, employees and the society as well.

Business philosophy
Professional, Efficiency, Quality, Commitment

Corporate Culture
Solidarity and Cooperation, Dedication and Commitment, Stability and Reliability, Innovation and Enterprise

Code of Conduct
Simplicity, Respect, Responsibility; benefit of the company first, legal personal income