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PPGI is prepainted galvanized steel, also known as precoated steel,coil coated steel, color coated steel etc.

A galvanized steel in coil form is cleaned,pretreated,applied with various layers of organic coatings can be paints. These coatings are applies in a continuous process known as Coil Coating. The steel thus produced in this process is a prepainted, prefinisfed ready to use material.

PPGI is the material which uses galvanized steel as the basic substrate metal.There could be other substrates such as aluminium,aluminium zinc,stainless steel,etc.

Prepainted galvanized steel coil refers that after the surface pretreatment of base plate, covering one layer or two layers(more than two layers when necessary) organic coating on the surface with the method of continuous coating,and then conduct drying and solidifying.

Prepainted galvanized steel coil is characterized of excellent decoration,moldability,corrosion resistance,strong coating adhesive force and can keep the novel luster for a long time.


Zinc Coating Mass : - Z08, Z12, Z15, Z18, Z20, Z22, Z27
Steel Grade: - JIS G3312, CGCH, CGCC, CGC 440, CGC 550


PE a high performance polyester coating based on polyester resins.PE has been well designed and produced to withstand excessive paint chalking and color fading under high UV light irradiation. Therefore it performs less creeping or cracking during deformation of steel panels profiling, where by failure of prepainted steel protection mostly begins at those deformation area that higher permeation rate of moisture was detected.

PVDF is still the most premier coating system applied as the highest durable grade product.The binder in this coating more than 70% polyvinylidene fluoride which offers a unique combination of excellent outdoor durability,fotmability and chemical resistance.Its supremacy in extreme corrosion protection and color retention is mostly dedicated from its unique PVDF resin structures and proper selection of approved pigments.


a) Application in construction industry

Outdoor -roofs, roof structures,window frames,gates,rolling doors,shutters,simple rooms,freezer cars,booths,wall cladding,etc.

Indoor -partitions,clean room wall panels,cold room wall panels,ceiling,signage board,etc.

b) Application in electrical appliance
Refrigerators, washing machines, electric ovens, air conditioners, electronic computers, dust collectors, switch cabinets, etc.

c) Application in transportation industry
Car ceiling, trolleys, train ceilings, partitions, doors, inner wall, containers, road and highway signs, aircraft hangers, bus shelter, etc.

d) Application in sheet metal processing and furniture
Steel furniture, venetian blinds, ventilation heating stoves, petroleum furnaces, shell of water boilers, book shelves, file cabinets, etc.

e) Application in other aspects
Shells of musical instument, gauges, typewtiter, bulletin boards, packing containers, instrument olates, etc.

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